WANHO Manufacturing, LLC

WANHO Manufacturing, LLC



About Us

The history of WANHO has been one of evolution and expansion guided by a core principle of delivering exceptional value, quality and service to our customers. Nearly four decades later as a leading provider of end-to-end sourcing solutions, WANHO continues to expand upon its extensive manufacturing capabilities and inherent value-added services, to include a global platform of sourcing and fulfillment solutions.

Throughout these years, we have built a high level of trust and loyalty in our employees, who work exceptionally hard towards a common goal of serving our customers. These are the irreplaceable people of our company, The DNA of WANHO who convey honesty and integrity in each service provided by our company.

Our unique business approach involves seeking long-lasting relationships rather than simple, buy-sell arrangements. It is through these partnerships that the needs of each organization can truly be satisfied. As a result of this approach, we are a leading supplier to many high-profile tier-one manufacturers throughout the world. We remain focused on our core expertise of superior manufacturing capabilities and exceptional market expertise, which allows us to transcend industry boundaries and geographical borders to provide unsurpassed value-added services and global fulfillment services to our customers.