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About Us

Giving shape to visions is what we do. Well.
From Verdi’s earliest beginnings over two generations ago, we have made innovation, safety and continuous improvement the cornerstones of everything we commit to doing. It’s part of the value that extends well beyond the materials, the talent and the timeliness. Real value delivered by real people whose experience and passion for the work – from concept to delivery – ensures great project outcomes for every customer, every time.
Verdi - Full Service. Comprehensive.
We deliver added value through continual improvement and innovation. We have adopted innovative information and document management technology and remain at the forefront of technological solutions.
We continually refine our “tool-box“ in order to provide you with comprehensive integrated services. Our financial strength supports our integrated capabilities network and modern fleet of equipment. This provides a major strategic advantage and ensures our clients, employees, subcontractors and partners have the highest confidence in the Verdi way.
Verdi’s people are passionate about every aspect of the project. Our systems, unique matrix organizational structure, resources and network of professionals enable us to forge true construction solutions partnerships with our clients.


  • Design
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Consulting


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