About Us

American GreenFuels,® LLC (“American GreenFuels”) is a Connecticut based biodiesel producer, located in the port of New Haven, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kolmar Americas, Inc. Biodiesel is a renewable, cleaner-burning diesel replacement that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 86% on average. American GreenFuels biodiesel, however, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 93% when sold within Connecticut.
American GreenFuels began producing biodiesel in 2013 and has since undergone several major capacity expansions. The most recent expansion more than doubled the capacity at the plant to approximately 40 million gallons per year – making American GreenFuels the largest biodiesel producer in the Northeast, and along the eastern seaboard of the United States.
The plant uses waste products from other industries to produce biodiesel. These products include waste oils such as used cooking oil from restaurants and/or food waste from manufacturing facilities. American GreenFuels estimates that it sources used cooking oil feedstock from approximately 5,000 suppliers located throughout the region.
To bolster its commitment to the environment and educate consumers about the benefits of biodiesel, American GreenFuels designed its promotional messages to alert Connecticut consumers to the benefits of switching to a biodiesel that is certified and environmentally validated.


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